A KCRW Halloween 2016

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Happy Halloween! In honor of the spookiest holiday of the year, here are five of the creepiest and most demented(ish) things to listen to and do before you put on your costume.

1. Listen to Henry Rollin’s Halloween playlist

What’s on KCRW DJ Henry Rollins’ Halloween playlist? Well, a lot of The Damned. He put together a set of Halloween-tinged tunes which you can listen to below and read more about here.

2. Subscribe to Here Be Monsters

Head over to our podcast page and subscribe to the most haunting podcast about the unknown, Here Be Monsters. Listen to the scariest episodes here and watch a dimension-warping video.


3. Learn how to make a horror film

‘Paranormal Activity’ producer Steven Schneider talked to KCRW’s The Business about discovering Paranormal Activity, living the Hollywood dream of sudden, stunning success and how it all fell apart. 

4. Go out on Halloween

We highlight a special VR event in this week’s “5 Things To Do This Week” newsletter. You can get five things to do sent to you every single week by subscribing here, if you dare.


5. Find out What makes a house feel haunted

Why does strange architecture lend itself to ghost stories, and what do these stories unveil about our own prejudices? Colin Dickey digs into this in his new book, “Ghostland: An American History in Haunted Places.”