California Highway Patrol beating: How will the department respond?

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When thinking of police brutality in Los Angeles, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) is not usually top of mind.

But after a video showing a CHP officer beating an unarmed woman on the eastbound side of Interstate 10 near La Brea Avenue went viral this weekend, local civil rights leaders say they’re concerned about a pattern of abusive behavior within the department.

A group of them will meet with CHP Commissioner Joseph Farrow Tuesday to voice their concerns.

Pedro Baez, the vice president of the Los Angeles Urban Policy Forum, will attend the meeting. He says the group will ask Farrow about the CHP’s policies and procedures for dealing with excessive force cases, the department’s training practices, the status of the officer caught on video beating Marleen Pinnock, and the timeline for the CHP’s investigation.

Baez spoke with Warren on today’s Which Way, LA? Listen to the full conversation here.

Watch the video below: