California represents at the March on Washington

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Among the massive crowds filling Washington DC Saturday were many women from California, who had crossed the country with friends and relatives to show their opposition to President Trump.

In the process, many were charged by the crowd’s energy and the solidarity. “I watched these young ladies today become active women and it was amazing,” said Stephani Contreras, 60, who came to Washington from Moorpark, California with her daughter and friends. “It was a beautiful experience.”

Many people talked about their plans to get more involved in community activism after the march and to continue speaking up. “We were really inspired by everything that’s going on in politics right now, it’s a pressing matter for us because it has to do with us.” said Taylor Ferguson, 19, who was with the group from Moorpark.

Below, portraits and insights from Californians who marched on Washington reveal this sentiment.

Californian women march on Washington

Arzu Ardakosar, Palos Verdes: “I am really excited to be a part of what I think is going to be an historic event.” Ardakosar said she and a group she’s been meeting with plan to help activist groups on topics including, immigration, the environment and Black Lives Matter. (Photo: Brian Feinzimer)
“It was amazing opportunity to come all this way and stand together to stand with a bunch of people who were like minded and we were all fighting for the same rights that are being threatened right now.” — Gabby Moran, 19,  Moorpark California. (Photo: Brian Feinzimer)
This group from Los Angeles ranged in age from 9 to 74. “I feel excited that I’m here and also I feel really supported having so many people here,” said Ruby Kingscote, 11. “It’s very empowering, said Sally Quinn, 74, “the amount of people and being with my family is really important. I was pretty active in my younger days, that’s the sad part, it feels like everything is going back to how it was before.” (Photo: Brian Feinzimer)
Hannah Sloan, LA, “I feel totally energized, I feel like we need to get our blood circulating because we have a big fight ahead of us with the new administration.”(Photo: Brian Feinzimer)
A group of women from Long Beach show their signs. (Photo: Brian Feinzimer)
Stephanie Speights, LA: “We are going to be on it. Get involved, stay awake and peacefully protest every issue that is not about equality.”(Photo: Brian Feinzimer)
Jenifer Yeuroukis, LA. “It’s important to fill one of the most important cities in the world with people voicing their opinions and doing what we as Americans do which is express ourselves and try to help our administration hear another side of it another perspective. I think this is the most effective way to have our voices heard.”(Photo: Brian Feinzimer)