Gov. Brown won’t close the door on Syrian refugees

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In a statement to the Associated Press, Brown said California will work closely with the Obama Administration to ensure that any refugees coming to California are “fully vetted.”

Like many other governors, Brown says that accepting Syrian refugees could pose a threat.


But Brown stood with President Obama, saying that security concerns can be overcome with sophisticated background checks. While pledging to do everything in his power to protect Californians, Brown said it’s important to preserve what he calls “America’s traditional role as a place of asylum.”

Senators Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer also say that California will not be a state that turns away refugees.

The State Department says 218 Syrian refugees have been resettled in California this year, mostly in San Diego and Sacramento. President Obama has pledged to accept 10,000 more refugees into the U.S. over the next year. And immigration experts say its doubtful that governors could legally block refugees admitted to the U.S. from entering their states.BROWN2

Meanwhile, Gov. Brown says the deadly attacks in Paris won’t stop him from attending the highly anticipated United Nations summit on climate change next month in that city. Brown has been planning to attend the event with a delegation of lawmakers and business leaders.

French officials say the summit will take place — but it will be pared down, with some concerts and other events canceled.