Heirloom turkeys and forgotten pilgrims

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Happy Thanksgiving! What to read while you’re waiting for your bird to defrost? Here’s a roundup of this year’s Thanksgiving stories.

1. The Los Angeles Times reports that more people are spending more money on turkeys. From the article:

“”People want a bird that has a name, a provenance, a pedigree — a bird you can brag about,” said Kathy Gori, a 60-year-old screenwriter who splits her time between Sonoma and Santa Monica.”

2. Pity the pilgrims. The New York Times reports that:

“Nowadays Pilgrims, with their funny, steeple-crowned hats and buckle shoes and their gloomy, pious ways (no games on Sunday, no celebrating even of Christmas!), have gone out of fashion.”

3. Gratitude makes you happy. Okay, we’re guilty of this one. Tomorrow on “To the Point,” UC Riverside psychologist Sonja Lyubomirsky will tell us why gratitude is one step toward happiness. And why happiness is so important.

4. President Obama pardons two turkeys: Peace and Liberty. Here’s the video, in case you missed it:

Wishing you all happy travels, a happy Black Friday and a perfectly cooked bird.