How does ‘Quality of Life’ rate in your community?

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NewportHarborViewNewport Beach residents enjoy the highest quality of life in California – and people who live in Watts are on the other end of the scale, with the worst quality of life.

That’s among the findings of a new report that looks at income, life expectancy and educational attainment and scores neighborhoods throughout the Golden State.

The study by the nonprofit Social Sciences Research Council says that race and ethnicity are the biggest factors in predicting one’s quality of life in California. For example, Latinos, on average, earn just half as much whites in Los Angeles County. And an Asian American baby born here can expect to live more than 11 years longer than African American baby.

Overall, the report says Asians have the highest quality of life in L.A. County – and Latinos have the lowest.

The report also finds that the income gap – the difference between the lowest and highest scores – was most stark in a region that includes L.A. and Orange counties.