LA is growing up, but is it really becoming NY?

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(L) LA skyline by kla4067, (R) NY skyline by Jaime Olmo (Images via Flickr/ Creative Commons)

Back in April of last year, the New York times ran a “Room for Debate” asking,  Should Los Angeles New Yorkify? Los Angeles is one of the densest cities in the US. Bill Fulton, vice president of Smart Growth America, and the former mayor of Ventura writes:

L.A. is becoming way more urban. The delis, theater and restaurants really are as good as in New York. And while L.A. is still fairly low-rise and auto-oriented over all, it’s increasingly a place where you can live a more traditional car-free urban lifestyle

But what happens to the culture of Los Angeles if it keeps getting taller? One KCRW listener said that one thing that would be lost is the unique relationship with nature.

And of course, there’s the ongoing debate of which city is the better one.