LAUSD back to school with beefed up security

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It’s back to school for many students throughout the LAUSD, and that means back to schools that are seeing increased security in response to last month’s school shootings in Newtown, Connecticut. LA police officers, LA County sheriff’s deputies, and members of other local law enforcement agencies will be visiting the district campuses at least once a day, in addition to regular patrols by LA school police.

Speaking to KCRW, School Police Chief Steve Zipperman said “there has to be a fine balance of students and young children having a sense of security and feeling safe so that there can be an environment that’s conducive with learning.”

At a press conference this morning, Police Chief Charlie Beck said the daily visits by officers is “one step in a long journey making our schools safe and making our parents feel good about our schools.”

It is unclear how long the daily patrols will last and the program will be evaluated over time, reports NBC LA.