Listeners Remember: ‘I was a little black girl attending an all Korean school’

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Fouche and three friends at school

Entrepreneur and community gardener, Eve Fouché grew up in Los Angeles. She reflects on being one of three African-American girls in a Korean school when the LA Riots broke out.

“At the time I was a little black girl attending an all Korean school. It was also a cultural center, at the school they taught us about the Korean culture in its entirety. I learned how to speak and

Fouche today (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.)

read in Korean. During the riots there were curfew laws that were put into place… all the markets were closed and my mother had a business on Pico and Fairfax  and it was probably one of the only places that was still open that was serving food, so it became a safe haven for people who were hungry… and it kind of became a place where people shared what was happening,” Fouché remembers. “A lot of different stores on the block who mistreated black people were looted.”  Listen to her story below: