Los Angeles likely to be a two-team NFL town once again

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Los Angeles may be a Rams town once again, having snatched back the team from St. Louis after a 21-year absence, but that’s not the whole picture of pro football’s future in L.A.

The deal that’s bringing the Rams home gives the San Diego Chargers a one-year window to decide if they want to join the Rams in a new stadium in Inglewood.

If the Chargers decline, the Oakland Raiders would have the option of relocating to L.A.

Vincent Bonsignore, a sports columnist for the Los Angeles Daily News, says the Inglewood stadium will almost certainly wind up with two home teams, and probably sooner rather than later.

Bonsignore said he believes Chargers owner Dean Spanos has “wrapped his head around the fact” that his team will join the Rams in Los Angeles in 2016 if stadium ownership details can be worked out in time.

“This is a very complicated deal. There are many ways this deal could unfold,” Bonsignore added.

“I do believe it’s going to be the Chargers and I would expect there is going to be an announcement here very soon,” he said.

He said ticket sales already have proven fan interest: In 48 hours,  48,000 people put down $100 apiece in season tickets deposits. That puts them on a waiting list for up to eight tickets apiece for the 2016 Rams season seats.