Map: Are your neighbors trendsetters or the Social Security set?

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Screenshot from the map.

ESRI, a group that analyzes demographic data, released a fascinating map last year that’s starting to make the social media rounds again. The map takes a super close look at “tapestries” around the country. Tapestries take into account age, income, professions and leisure activities and demographics.

Here’s how they put it:

Tapestry segmentation provides an accurate, detailed description of America’s neighborhoods—U.S. residential areas are divided into 67 distinctive segments based on their socioeconomic and demographic composition—then further classifies the segments into LifeMode and Urbanization Groups.

So you can type in your zip code and basically find out what kind of neighborhood you’re in. Categories include things like: Laptops and Lattes (professional, well educated, city lovers), City Lights (passionate about social welfare and equal opportunity), Urban Chic (drinkers of imported wine), Social Security Set (live alone on fixed incomes in high rises) and Las Casas (young married hispanic couples in multi-generational households).

Though some of this seems silly, it’s really a deep look at the different classifications of people. And in a city as diverse as Los Angeles, it’s a fascinating way to explore the city from your laptop (should you be that kind of person).

It’s not embeddable. So here’s the link. Tell us what you find out about yourself!