'Love, power, peace.' Mourners gather at Staples Center to honor Nipsey Hussle

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Slain rapper Nipsey Hussle will be honored at Staples Center today. Free tickets to the event went fast for the memorial honoring the musician, businessman and community icon, who was gunned down in front of his South Los Angeles clothing store last month.

“He left something for the people,” said memorial attendee Rodney White. “He left the culture with something that we could live for. And he gave a lot of courage, and just a lot of good advice.”

Aretha Moore (right) and friends.

Aretha Moore (right) and friends. Photo by Saul Gonzalez

“Love, power, peace, future, togetherness, unity-  that’s what he did, that’s what he meant for us,” said Aretha Moore, who was waiting at Staples Center. “I know his soul is resting,” she added, “it’s not even about the music, it’s about what he was trying to do.”

Nipsey Hussle memorial

Nipsey Hussle memorial

Mourners gathered at Staples Center ahead of the memorial. Photos by Saul Gonzalez

The memorial will be livestreamed via BET’s Facebook Page.

“This is a monumental moment in history,” said a mourner, who didn’t give his name because he was supposed to be at work. “The entire city is mourning.”

Following the memorial, Hussle's casket will be driven in a 25-mile procession through Los Angeles.