Obama’s 2nd Term: Civil Rights

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ObamaSecondTerm Civil Rights

Next Monday, President Barack Obama will raise his right hand and take the oath of office for a second term in office. He’ll have another four years to accomplish his national policy agenda. But what exactly should that agenda be? What issues and problems must President Obama focus on? And how much work is left undone from his first term in office?

We’re asking a variety of smart Southern Californians for their opinions and to tell us one goal they believe the President must accomplish in the four years to come.

L.A. civil rights attorney Connie Rice counts herself among President Obama’s biggest supporters. She calls his first election a transformative moment in American history. But Rice isn’t giving the president a pass on his first four years on office. She says the Obama Administration has failed to look out for the country’s most vulnerable citizens: impoverished children, especially children of color. In her words, “we are annihilating these kids.” Rice, co-founder of the Advancement Project says presidential leadership is needed in the next four years to halt the spiral.