One Islamic school’s unique play about Donald Trump

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Every year, the students at ISLAH Academy, a private Islamic school inside a South LA mosque put on a winter program for their parents. This year, in addition to arabic recitations, songs and standup comedy, the students decided to put on a play. The subject: Donald Trump.

Jihad Saafir, the imam of the mosque and arabic teacher at the school helped the students write the play which was performed almost entirely in arabic. The play opens with Donald Trump, played by 13-year-old Ahmed Toure in a blonde wig, giving a speech about banning muslims from entering the country. “You are dividing the people,” the crowd shouts as Trump’s supporters get riled up by the rhetoric and one man assaults a woman, ripping her headscarf off and shoving her to the ground, yelling “Go back to Africa.”

And then the play takes an unlikely turn. The man defending Trump turns to the men confronting him and says, you know what, I don’t want any trouble. And then they all hug each other.

And with that the play is over.

Following the play, Jihad gave a short speech to the congregation about what he hopes they take away from the performance, which is that this is a time for the congregation to get organized and to come together, and not to focus on the rhetoric and actions of those who discriminate against them.

“A lot of times we look at it as a weakness in other people and we want them to change. No this should initiate a change within ourselves,” he said. “At the end of the day it should motivate us to become a tighter community.”