Photos: The new Rose Avenue

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Venice is now home to 300 new high-tech companies, but that only accounts for half of the new, mainly Westside, phenomenon called “Silicon Beach.” The new companies mean new money, and with that a new row of restaurants on Rose Ave. You can hear more about how this is changing the funky Venice on  Which Way, LA?  Below, check out pictures of the “new” Rose. (Photos all taken by Bennett Stein).

Superba, a new restaurant on Rose, has been called “surfer-chic” by the LA Times.

This view from Venice Beach Wines shows that Rose is still developing.
Cervateca owner Oscar Hermosillo was one of the pioneering restaurateurs on Rose.
Gratitude serves vegan fare with a side of of spirituality.
Google has also moved into the Frank Gehry designed  “binoculars  building” on Main Street, just south of Rose.