Prop 32: Who’s Behind It?

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Photo by Vox Efx via Flickr

A couple months ago it was harder to tell how voters in California would react to Proposition 32, a ballot measure that would prohibit unions from using payroll deductions for political purposes. With millions of dollars in advertising on the airwaves and some recent polling in hand, it now looks like voters are leaning toward rejecting it, though it’s hardly a done deal.

A poll released on October 1 by USC Dornsife and the Los Angeles Times found 44 percent of voters surveyed opposed the measure and 36 supported it, with the remaining 20 percent of voters surveyed undecided.

On “Which Way LA?” Warren took a look at who is behind the Yes on 32 and the No on 32 campaigns with Mike Mishak, Sacramento reporter for the Los Angeles Times. Ggovernmental observer Bob Stern says the proposition would drastically change how labor wields political influence in California. Proponents say it gets special interests out of politics. Opponents say it cripples unions and silences workers while allowing corporations to buy influence.