Santa Monica shooting victim profile: Margarita Gomez

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A memorial shrine at Santa Monica College.
The Los Angeles Times this afternoon posted a profile of Margarita Gomez, one of the five victims of Friday’s shooting at Santa Monica College. Gomez, 68, was a familiar face here on campus. She lived across the street and usually visited twice a day to collect recyclables. The Times spoke to Gomez’s son, Rafael Torres:

Although she had worked at a ceramics company for almost 20 years, Torres said his mother didn’t get much of a pension. She collected cans to make ends meet.

“She didn’t have too much money to pay the bills,” he said. “I don’t want [anybody] to think she’s homeless…. Around the college, everybody knows her. Nobody knows her name because she never got in trouble. She was the lady with the cans.”

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