KCRW Drops The Daily as of January 14th

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KCRW has decided to cease airing The Daily from The New York Times.

We have concerns about how the Times has handled the aftermath of the erroneous reporting in its audio series Caliphate, which was featured on The Daily, and what this revealed about practices in their audio team.

The promise of The Daily was to bring The New York Times to a radio audience. Dean Baquet, the executive editor of The New York Times, has acknowledged that the Times failed to hold this ambitious project of audio journalism to the same standards it would for its print journalism. In order to maintain our journalistic standards KCRW has decided to discontinue the program on our air after today’s show.

This week, KCRW joined with 26 fellow public media organizations in co-signing a letter to The New York Times, concerning a complex of issues surrounding its audio productions, including Caliphate and The Daily. In its subsequent response to our letter, the Times took responsibility for many of these problems and detailed concrete steps it has taken to remediate them, which we acknowledge and welcome.

However, concerns we raised about how the Times handled the aftermath of erroneous reporting in Caliphate were not fully addressed, such as transparency about potential conflicts of interest in its own coverage of these matters.

As such, we feel it’s in the best interest of our listeners to cease broadcasting The Daily as of today.

Paul Bennun
Chief Content Officer, KCRW