Today’s News: Support for tougher gun laws; Digital billboards; Who gets Dorner reward?

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Guns poll. Californians are way out in front of the country as a whole when it comes to stricter gun controls. A new USC-Dornsife-L.A. Times poll finds Californians overwhelmingly favor a proposed federal ban on assault weapons, as well as restrictions on high-capacity magazines, background checks for ammunition purchases and rules requiring all gun owners to be registered and insured. One thing that Californians do not favor is arming teachers to protect students. Two thirds oppose that idea. L.A. Times

Digital divide. The bright lights of digital billboards will continue to shine over L.A. neighborhoods, at least for the time being. Clear Channel Outdoor is rejecting a call by City Attorney Carmen Trutanich to remove its share of the city’s 100 or so digital signs right away. The California Supreme Court last month rejected an appeal by Clear Channel and CBS Outdoor to keep the billboards up. But Clear Channel says nothing will happen until it exhausts all of its legal options. CBS hasn’t commented, L.A. Daily News

Loss of control. Southern California could lose more than a dozen air traffic control towers because of the federal sequestration budget cuts. The Federal Aviation Administration is expected to decide today whether to shut down as many as 189 low-and-moderate-use control towers nationwide. Twenty-three are reportedly in California, including 14 in Southern California. Among the local towers facing possible closure are those in Santa Monica, Palmdale, Pacoima, Oxnard and Riverside. CNN

LAUSD allegations. An attorney representing the family of a child who was allegedly sexually molested by a teacher says LAUSD officials were warned about the teacher years earlier. Robert Pimentel was arrested in January and charged with molesting a dozen children between 2011 and 2012 at George de la Torre Elementary School in Wilmington. Lawyer Luis Carrillo says a parent registered similar allegations against Pimentel in 2009. LAUSD confirms that but says there’s been no cover-up. L.A. Times

Dorner reward. The LAPD says it hopes to decide who is entitled to the million-dollar reward in the Christopher Dorner case sometime next month. Officials say that all of the police agencies involved will get together to review the evidence and listen to 911 tapes in the coming weeks. A number of people have already come forward to claim they provided the key tip that ultimately led the fugitive ex-cop to hole up in a vacant mountain cabin. One LAPD official says “everyone is coming out of the woodwork on this one.” AP