U.C’s out-of-state outreach is good for bottom line

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A record number of out-of-state students have been admitted to the U.C. system this fall. That doesn’t sit well with some Californians, but it’s awfully good for the university purse.

The University of California reportedly stands to reap an estimated $400 million in extra cash revenue this year from out-of-state students. More than a fifth of incoming U.C. freshman are from other states or countries. Those students pay about $23,000 more in tuition each year than California students.

The university has been stepping up recruitment of out-of-state students to help raise cash that administrators say benefits the entire student body. Critics say those spots should go to Californians whose families pay taxes to support the university.

More than 30 percent of incoming freshman at UCLA are from places other than California. That’s the most among the university’s nine undergraduate campuses. U.C. Berkeley and U.C. San Diego have the next highest percentages of out-of-state students.

Here’s the university’s own profile of the class of 2018: http://admission.universityofcalifornia.edu/freshman/profiles/