Uninsured Californians rush to check out Obamacare

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road-signIt wasn’t exactly smooth, but California officials have enrolled the state’s first customers under the landmark healthcare reform known as Obamacare. Covered California – the state’s new health exchange – recorded more than five million hits on its web site on its first day from people interested in obtaining coverage. The state’s call centers fielded more than 17,000 calls. California has more than five million uninsured people, the most in the country…The federal government shutdown has closed California’s national parks and furloughed tens of thousands of workers in the state, and the out-of-work could soon be feeling the pain as well. State officials say unemployment checks are funded for another month, and then recipients could be out of luck…The L.A. Dodgers have donated $250,000 to the LAPD to help jumpstart a program to outfit officers with small video cameras. New Police Commission President Steve Soboroff is spearheading a campaign to raise $1 million for the program. Backers say  having audio and video recordings of traffic stops and other encounters would guard against officer misconduct and cut down on lawsuits filed against the city…And finally, California has a new law addressing “revenge porn.” People who post nude pictures on the Internet of ex-romantic partners with the intent to shame or harass now face up to six months in jail and fines of up to $1,000 under a bill signed by Gov. Jerry Brown.