Warren Olney’s Best Interviews of 2013

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When Did We Start Hating Congress?
From pistol duels on the floor of Congress to the government shutdown

Music that Fueled the March on Washington
Would there have been a civil rights movement without music?

 Rise of the Sharing Economy
The consumer economy is challenged by a new way of introducing people who own things to people who need to use them.

Obama “Broke the Silence on Trayvon Martin Case”
Playwright responds to Obama’s statement on the Trayvon Martin Case and racism.

How TV Shows End
Is there any way to write a satisfying ending to a series like AMC’s “Breaking Bad?”

 Live Tweeting a Loved One’s Death
NPR’s Scott Simon touched a chord when he tweeted about his mother as she  was dying in a hospital.

 Special: The Iraq War Conversations
More than half of Americans now think the war was a mistake. What’s next for a  ruined Iraq, with a fragile democracy beset by continuing violence?

 Boston and the Modern Manhunt
Did shutting down all of Boston give amateur “terrorists” extra impact? Was it a  preview of what’s to come?

 The Dark Side of the Internet
The Darknet is available through software that allows anonymous browsing—and,  increasingly—provides opportunities for organized crime.

 Paul Tanaka Talks Back
The former Undersheriff says the Commission report is full of “lies” about him  and his record.