What Twitter is saying about the new UC logo

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One recurring comment is that the logo looks as if it’s “still loading.” (Here’s the illustration.)

Below, we’ve collected a handful of tweets responding to the logo. You can find more if you follow Twitter’s #UClogo hashtag. 

@PhilipChuang: “As a Univ of California alum, am horrified w/new UC logo; it belongs on a Walmart product, not on a university.”

@kcclaveria: “A not-so-shining example of what results when you hire an intern to do your graphic design.”

@chandrasharma: “UC needs to take a page out of the @Starbucks playbook – you can modernize your logo without bastardizing it.”

@NatashaSingh: “I think my internet connection is down because it looks like the #UCLogo is still loading #sayitaintso #bringbacktheoldUClogo.”

@CarrieStead: “The new #UClogo is embarrassing. Even those get your degree online “schools” have more prestigious branding.”

@sherrymain: “One thing that is very apparent is that ppl DO have a vested interest in the UC system.”

@hellomaleka: “Best comment about the new UC logo: “Looks like a bad icon of a banana in a shopping bag” #uclogo.”

@davidjohnsonpdx: “The new #uclogo bears an eerie resemblance to a flushing toilet. Not exactly the image you want to communicate about your university. “

@chriscameron: “#UClogo fading “C” does that represent not quite finishing the job? Or is it the fading State financial support?”

@kevinmagiclam: “when did everyone become a designer #everyoneisacritic #uclogo.”