Why black women voters should demand more of Hillary Clinton

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“When it comes to Democrats surviving elections, particularly close ones, there’s usually a constant and that constant is usually black female turnout,” Keli Goff, Daily Beast columnist and host of WNYC’s Political Party with Keli Goff said on Left, Right & Center. But, she argued that black voters should demand more of women in politics like Hillary Clinton. 

Goff said: 

Hillary Clinton, like a lot Democrats is where she is thanks to the strength of African American women, and yet we have never had an African American woman elected to the US Senate, we have never had an African American woman elected to a governor’s seat and yet why is it that African American women are the backbone of the Democratic party yet that same support doesn’t seem to be reciprocated when African American women, like a Donna Edwards, who recently lost her primary for the senate in Maryland, run for office. At a certain point African American women should stop just being the support that elect other people but should start being elected themselves to halls of power, and people like Hillary Clinton can help with that. by devoting the resources that they have at their disposal.

My dream is to live through an election where I am treated like soccer moms or NASCAR dads and everyone does all of these ads targeted at me because I’m considered a swing voter instead of me basically being ignored after the primaries except for getting phone calls begging me to turn out. That should not be an ideal for any citizen and that’s how African-Americans are treated and it’s worse.