You know you’re on the Eastside when…

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You know you’re on the Eastside when you see a little hipster on a fixie… You see hipsters everywhere, you have no problem finding somewhere great to eat and, depending on what neighborhood you’re in, you might fear for your life…You smell human urine… You know you’re on the Eastside when you cross the LA River… The Pacific Ocean seems so far away that you need your passport to visit it…You’re surrounded by hipsters, wannabe screen writers and actors and hookers on Santa Monica Blvd… You get a parking ticket…You see dudes with tattoos and chains hanging from their belts and chicks with thick glasses vintage clothes and bright red hair…Someone has just asked you how to get to the Hollywood sign… It’s two in the morning and you’re on the street eating tacos from a taco truck… You’re looked down upon for drinking coffee that cost less than $5… Your car gets broken into… The traffic moves and the air is dark and dull and dirty and dry… They insist on putting ginger in everything and want to tell you where your food is from… You cross Vermont, and signs are in Spanish, Armenian, Thai and Filipino in the same block. And Westsiders are busy blocking traffic staring at their iPhones trying to like, figure out where they are… Doc Martens outnumber ballerina flats… You can get a great authentic ethnic meal for $10.00… You know you’re on the Eastside when you can smell the taco trucks in the air. When you have the hippest coffee shop to hang out at sandwiched between a row of mechanic shops… You see a fruit cart on the street… There are taco trucks parked in every corner and you can almost smell the carne asada in the air.

We reached out to listeners through the Public Insight Network, asking them to fill in the blank: You know you’re on the Eastside when_______.  Tune  in to Which Way, LA? tonight at 7 p.m. to hear more!