Ep. 2 How Did We Get Here?

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Army veteran Scott Marek settled in at the Veterans Row encampment after the VA turned him away because he wouldn’t part with his dog, Keisha. Photo by Zaydee Sanchez

The Veterans Administration has an enormous gated campus in West LA, the land donated long ago to the federal government on one condition: that it be used as a soldier’s home for disabled military veterans. Today on that campus, you can find an old chapel, a soccer field, a public dog park, and UCLA’s baseball field … but very little actual housing, even though LA has 4,000 homeless veterans, more than any other city. 

In the second episode of City of Tents: Veterans Row, Anna Scott explains the connection between the broken promise of that rolling 388-acre VA campus and the formation of a homeless veterans’ camp right outside its gates. The veterans, the courts, and even the VA agree they’re entitled to live on the land. Why don’t they?

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