‘beautiFOAL’ and ‘Labyrinth’: two new art shows to check out amid the pandemic

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Due to the pandemic, art has become mostly a virtual experience and may continue to be so for a while. But there are some shows that are opening up for physical viewing. 

KCRW’s Art Insider Lindsay Preston Zappas spotlights two new exhibits; one virtual and one that Angelenos can check out in person by appointment. 

The Parker Gallery is exhibiting brightly colored creatures called “beasties” from artist Maija Peeples-Bright. Photo by: Paul Salveson 

The Parker Gallery is exhibiting a retrospective, beautiFOAL , from Maija Peeples-Bright, a “nut and funk” artist whose known for her bright colors and whimsical creatures she calls “beasties.” Peeples-Bright is playful, incorporating a lot of alliterations and puns into her work.

Goose Lady Godiva” exhibits Peeples-Bright playful side, explains Art Insider curator Lindsay Preston-Zappas. Photo by Paul Salveson. 

Virtually, there’s EPOCH , which was started by artist Peter Wu+ during the pandemic as a response to the onslaught of bad digital art experiences that were initially popping up. Wu+ has done a handful of shows and each is located in a different VR setting for the artwork. It makes the experience feel more like a video game than going to see a gallery.   

The current show is called Labyrinth, and Wu+ asked artist Amir Nikravan to design the VR gallery setting, which is a spiraling concrete maze that’s set into the woods. There is a red glow to the landscape, which may evoke a sunset or may mirror the recent smoky skies of California. There is artwork installed throughout the maze that the viewer has to navigate through. 

“Labyrinth” is a new virtual reality gallery shaped like a spiraling concrete maze. Photo courtesy of EPOCH.