Return of indoor mask mandate? Restaurant worker and doctor weigh in

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Servers often feel pressure from customers to remove their masks. “Somebody will say, ‘Oh, you can take the mask off with me, it's fine,’” says Kristhy Morales, a server from Burbank. “Or they are a little more hostile and say, ‘What? I can't understand you.’ And so you speak slowly enunciated and everything, and it's still a little bit of a tense situation. So just try to take that with a grain of salt and just do your job.” Photo by Shutterstock.

As COVID rises, a restaurant server in Burbank says customers are pressuring her to remove her mask, but she doesn’t qualify for health insurance due to work limited hours. 

In the volunteer-run West Adams bookstore called All Power Books, neighbors receive food, clothes and community. Now they face an uncertain future. 

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