At MOCA open house, chocolate and a broken piano

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Felix Gonzalez-Torres, "Untitled" (A Corner of Baci), 1990, endless supply of Baci chocolates individually wrapped in silver foil, ideal weight: 42 lbs., dimensions variable. The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, purchased with funds provided by the Ruth and Jake Bloom Young Artist Fund. Photo courtesy of MOCA.

MOCA is displaying a series of exhibitions that asks LA-based artists to explore the permanent collection. The latest in the Open House series is from Gala Porras-Kim. She explores the idea that art is ephemeral, it can be alive and then decay. That concept takes the form of a destroyed piano, and an edible display that encourages viewers to participate in its destruction.


Lindsay Preston Zappas - Contemporary Art Review Los Angeles

Steve Chiotakis

Christian Bordal, Jenna Kagel, Caleigh Wells