LA card rooms, tribal casinos: Who wins if Prop 26 passes?

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Michelle Fernandez, an instructor at the Millennium Casino Academy, demonstrates how table games are played in California’s card rooms. If Proposition 26 passes, they could be forced to change the way they do business or shut down. Photo by Megan Jamerson/KCRW.

A sports betting proposition on the November ballot is raising questions about the long-term consequences for card rooms and the cities where they operate.

Kroger announced last week that it’s in talks to buy Albertsons, which would bring a lot of SoCal supermarket chains under one umbrella, in a $24 billion deal. What would that mean for local shoppers?

The OC sheriff’s department used jailhouse informants in an illegal way, and the district attorney’s office hid evidence. Federal authorities have released a damning 63-page report.