‘Gemmel and Tim’: New film focuses on lives of 2 Black men who died in Ed Buck’s apartment

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Outfest Los Angeles, one of the country’s biggest LGBTQ film festivals, starts this Friday and runs through August 22. Hundreds of films will be screened in person and virtually. 

One of the documentaries set to premiere is “Gemmel & Tim,” which centers on the lives of two Black men, Gemmel Moore and Timothy Dean, who died in the West Hollywood apartment of political donor Ed Buck, who is white. 

Their deaths were two years apart, but both men died under similar circumstances. In July, a jury found Buck guilty of nine felony counts, including battery and maintaining a drug house. 

But what about the lives of Gemmel Moore and Timothy Dean? How do the people closest to them remember how they lived? The new film sets out to answer those questions.