Democrat in what was once Reagan country is not seeking re-election

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Orange, Anaheim, and Santa Ana fall within the 68th district, which has been overseen by State Assemblyman Tom Daly for five terms. Photo by Shutterstock.

State Assemblyman Tom Daly announced that he won’t be seeking reelection this year, after five terms in office. He represents the majority-blue 68th district, which was newly redistricted and covers areas in Santa Ana, Orange, and Anaheim. 

In a statement, Daly said, “I’ll continue pushing for practical results for my constituents through the end of my current term, which ends in November.” 

Assembly people can serve a total of 12 years or six terms. So why is Daly bowing out now? 

“I think he saw with the redistricting, seeing where the winds are blowing in Orange County, he wanted to step down right now and go out on top, and hopefully have someone continue in his path,” says LA Times columnist Gustavo Arellano. 

The day of Daly’s announcement, his chief of staff, Avelino Valencia, announced he would run for the position. Bulmaro Vicente will face off against Valencia in the primaries in June.