Morning Becomes Eclectic’s Jason Bentley signs off on a high note

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KCRW’s music director and Morning Becomes Eclectic host Jason Bentley is stepping down after more than a decade on air. 

"I think my signature is first, the electronic and dance music influence. But also, advancing DJ culture… kind of bringing forward the ability of the DJ to really take people on a great journey through these music sets," Bentley says. "And I think the people that I brought on and recruited as our staff were all people that understood the nuance there."

Bentley says the job is a joy and demands complete attention. "You really can’t part-time this thing. And so for whoever takes the torch from here, you really do have to be at the right point of your life, where you can, for the most part, unconditionally give. But that’s the nature of what we do and the great reward we reap in public radio -- is that sense of meaning, making a difference with what we do.” 

Bentley’s last day as host of MBE will be this Friday. He will continue as host of Metropolis on Saturday nights.