Tell KCRW: What unusual holiday traditions do you celebrate?

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What unusual holiday traditions do you and your loved ones celebrate? Photo by Shutterstock.

The holiday season is here, and it’s often filled with friends, family, food, drinks, and merriment. Central to all these festivities are the traditions that bind us together — but also make us unique. Whether it’s grinning-and-bearing grandma’s special Jell-O, searching for the Christmas pickle, or leaving an ice-cold glass of beer out for Santa Claus, we’ve all got them.  

So we want to hear from you: What unusual traditions do you, your friends, and/or family hold dear? Which do you hate, or begrudgingly go along with for your loved ones’ sake? How did they start, and how did they become a tradition?

Let us know above, and we may feature you in an upcoming Greater LA episode.