LA’s ‘time capsule’ orange orchard to be replaced with housing, public park

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“When you walk into this orange grove … you walk into a time capsule. You look in every direction and you see oranges. You feel like you’re in another era. And when this is gone, that history will be gone,” City Councilmember Bob Blumenfield says of Bothwell Ranch. Photo by Caleigh Wells.

When the last commercial orange grove in LA went up for sale, neighbors tried to prevent it from becoming housing. Three years later, most of the trees will be razed.

California will reduce production of single-use plastics by 25% over the next decade, thanks to a bill from Sen. Ben Allen that Gov. Newsom signed into law last month.

For formerly incarcerated people seeking firefighting jobs in the private sector, they can get help from the Forestry and Fire Recruitment Program.