LA supervisor race is more important than you might realize

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The San Fernando Valley sprawls north of Mulholland Drive. Thanks to redistricting, for the first time this year, there will be an LA County supervisor who represents most of the Valley. Photo by Saul Gonzalez.

The next LA County supervisor from the San Fernando Valley and Westside will represent over 2 million people and control billions of dollars. But where’s the campaign?

In the LA city attorney’s race, two candidates previously ran for office as Republicans, but they say they’ve been with the Democratic Party for many years now.

With the June primary election ahead, KCRW gets an explainer on how mail-in ballots will work or where, and when, you can go to vote in person.

High school student Salome Agbaroji is part of KCRW’s Young Creators Project. She writes and performs poetry about racism, oppression, femininity, and social change.