Made in LA 2020: Larry Johnson, Khalil Joseph, and 28 other local emerging artists

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The biennial Made in LA opened to media previews on Monday. It’s a highly anticipated show, showcasing emerging artists who live and work in Los Angeles. This year, the show features 30 artists who work on paintings, sculptures, videos, photography, installations, and dance. For the first time, the Hammer Museum is splitting the show across two venues. All 30 artists are on view at both the Hammer Museum and The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens.  

Made in LA was supposed to open in June, but because of the coronavirus pandemic and LA County safety restrictions, it cannot officially open to the public, and public programming has yet to be announced. 

But there are some works that viewers can experience outside of the museum space. For example, people can drive to various locations around LA to see billboards from artist Larry Johnson or stream videos from artist Khalil Joseph.