Hugs, giggles, cups of tea: What vaccinated Angelenos are cherishing as their bubbles expands

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Roughly 10% of Californians are now fully vaccinated. KCRW asked listeners who have received their shots: How are you living differently now? 

“Once that second dose had taken effect, I knew I could see my son and my daughter, and I could see my grandchildren,” said Suzanne Roady-Ross, who lives in Seal Beach. “I could go over without my mask. We could snuggle, we could hug. We could talk and giggle.”

While visiting her daughter’s house, Roady-Ross asked her grandkids what they’re excited to do once the pandemic is over. “Going to the aquarium,” said 5-year-old Natalie. “Going to Disneyland and seeing people's faces again, and being next to people,” said 8-year-old Dana. 

Siobhan Stofka with her mom, Veronica, at Anza-Borrego Desert State Park before the pandemic. Last weekend, now that both are fully vaccinated, they hung out inside Veronica’s house without masks for the first time in a year. Courtesy of Siobhan Stofka. 

Siobhan Stofka, an LA resident, was equally as excited to spend time with her mother, Veronica, who lives in Redondo Beach. They’ve seen each other throughout the pandemic, but always outside and masked. 

“I'm super excited to hug her today, and also just hang out in her house … eat food, knit, make cups of tea. It's going to be a whole new way of being grateful for spending time with my loved ones,” she said.