40,000 Angelenos will run out of federal unemployment benefits in a few days. How will they get by?

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Some unemployment funds — plus an extra $300 per week from the federal government — will run out on September 4 for tens of thousands of Angelenos. “For me, it means that I have to think outside the box at this point. And so I have to pivot, you know, something that I didn't want to have to do or anticipate having to do when my business has been very successful. But when you have a family to support, sometimes you just don't have a choice,” says one LA resident. Photo by Shutterstock.

Federal unemployment benefits and supplements are ending on September 4. Where does this leave folks who can’t find a job or are reluctant to return to public-facing positions such as restaurant servers?

Also, vaccine mandates are popping up at companies, universities, and government offices across California. Employees can opt out for medical reasons or “sincerely held religious beliefs.”

And at the LA Fire Department, leaders are trying to get more than 1,000 firefighters vaccinated before the city’s vaccine mandate goes into effect in October.