Love letters for those behind bars

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Thousands of Angelenos, and others across the state, love someone who is currently behind bars. People in prison have not been able to visit with their partners, as prisons and jails are under lockdown for the last 11 months because of the pandemic. 

But relationships are being kept alive the old-fashioned way, with love letters and the occasional phone call. KCRW hears some of letters written between loved ones, brought to us by the KALW podcast Uncuffed.

The voices are of:
Beka Tuitasi
Juanita Roina 
Yvette Yarger
Neiva Magaña
Michelle Marrero 
Christina Bowker

This episode of the KALW podcast Uncuffed was produced by Ninna Gaensler Debs, Angela Johnston, Pat Mesiti-Miller and Eli Wirtschafter.