SoCal drought: How will water restrictions change your life?

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Starting in June, many Southern Californians will be limited to watering their yards only once a week. A set of new water restrictions will affect 6 million residents. Photo by Shutterstock.

Roughly 6 million Southern Californians will face water restrictions starting in June due to worsening drought. The Municipal Water District of Southern California is instituting mandatory water conservation measures. That means many residents will only be able to water their yards once per week. 

Wondering if you’ll be impacted? Check out the water restriction map from the Metropolitan Water District below:

While some have been spared for now, more restrictions may be on the way because the Colorado River faces its first-ever water shortage.  

With less than a month until the June water restrictions starts, KCRW wants to hear from Southern California residents: What questions do you have about the reduction that will impact your daily life and community? How do you plan to adapt to the new rules? Have you heard from your local water authority on its water allocation plans?  

Share your questions with us above, and KCRW reporter Caleigh Wells will try to find the answers.