Share with KCRW: What 2021 challenges are you grateful for?

How are you reflecting on 2021, and what have you experienced in this second year of the COVID-19 pandemic? Photo by Shutterstock.

As 2021 comes to a close and the new year approaches, there’s no better time to reflect on yet another tough year we faced as a community.

Some of us felt like we were stuck in COVID-induced limbo as we entered the second year of a global pandemic. More families faced unimaginable losses. 

But there’s been some hope: There was the comprehensive rollout of COVID-19 vaccines. Some of us went back to in-person concerts, weddings, and graduations. Many of us even got to see friends and family in person for the first time in months.  

KCRW wants to look back on what we’ve learned over the last year. What was the most challenging thing about 2021? And what are you most grateful for despite the hardships? Where did you find hope? 

Let us know down below or leave a message at (424) 538-8581, and we might reach out to hear more for an upcoming story on Morning Edition.