This Week In Weed: the perfect green gift

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Christmas gift. Credit: Pixabay.

This holiday season, you might be thinking about giving some green indulgence to your loved ones  — those over 21, of course. Recreational marijuana is legal in California, but the options for stocking stuffers are dizzying. David Downs, California Bureau Chief for Leafly, has some tips for shopping. 

“Probably start low and go slow,” he says. “I'm sure a lot of older consumers will find that the modern flowers, as it's called, the dried cured flower buds are more potent than some of the stuff they had back in the day.”

Downs recommends starting with a low dose edible like a single mint or gummy. For the more adventurous, he points to an infused turkey gravy from the manufacturer Kiva. 

“It's such a great time for products. Two years in, everything’s tested and potent and pure. And there's such a great variety that you wouldn't expect,” he says. “People have been using cannabis products since the dawn of time, but we haven't been able to apply modern engineering and industrial science. And the results are very consumer-forward and giving people sort of the effects they want.”

If you choose to use cannabis over the holidays, remember to not mix it with alcohol or driving. 



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