This Week in Weed: Treat your flu with cannabis

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Immunity drink. Credit: Pixabay.

Flu season is upon us, and the state’s health department says at least 70 people have died of the flu so far in California. There’s also been a spike of cases in the LA area. David Downs, the California bureau chief for Leafly, says that more people are turning to cannabis to treat their symptoms. 

“We're seeing a lot of stuff on the market that's going to help you get some sleep, going to help you relax,” Downs says. “[People are] going to combine, a lot of times, with other soothing superfoods and natural ingredients that people have been using for a long time to treat various cold elements, especially stuff that's in the throat.”

Downs says there are several award-winning products that can be used to soothe some of the most painful cold symptoms. 

“A company called Ohm Edibles, they make this Elderberry Elixir. It comes with a lot of health food sort of marketing language, like saying it's for immunity support and so on,” he says. “We're also seeing a lot of teas, a lot of mints, a lot of honey sticks. A lot of stuff that you're going to eat that are not going to make you feel out of your mind, just going to help you get to sleep.”



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