2014: The Year That Was

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What were the most consequential stories of 2014? Is it the fracking revolution that is driving down gas prices? The global economy in slowdown? The impact of technological advances? Or police and race? Special guest Josh Barro notes that people are thinking about policing as they do teaching -- some people do their jobs well and others don't. Bob Scheer takes his hat off to the Catholic Church for becoming a center of enlightenment. We ask: does Elizabeth Warren even want to enter the presidential race? Matt Miller recommends Martin Ford's book The Light in the Tunnel. In this holiday season, Rich Lowry remembers Charles Dickens' spirit of Christmas, Bob Scheer laments the lack of concern for the Other and Josh Barro applauds the decline of Black Friday. 

Matt Miller moderates from the Center, Bob Scheer is on the Left and Rich Lowry joins us on the Right. Josh Barro is our special guest.

Photo: Standing with Michael Brown, August 14, 2014. (Light Brigading)



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