A Death-Denying Tweet

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What were the federal failures in response to Hurricane Maria, and what have we learned from them, as Hurricane Florence hits the Southeast? Juliette Kayyem, former assistant secretary at the Department of Homeland Security during the Obama administration joins to discuss that, and a record number of migrant children who are in federal custody. Paul Manafort pleads guilty and agrees to cooperate with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Tim Carney, commentary editor of the Washington Examiner, talks about the aspects of unregistered foreign lobbying in the plea deal, and he joins the panel to discuss the ongoing sex abuse scandal and crisis in the Catholic Church.

Finally, why are national politics so...New York?
Ben Adler analyzes that and the results of the New York gubernatorial primary between Andrew Cuomo and Cynthia Nixon.

A Puerto Rican flag is seen on a pair of shoes as hundreds of pairs of shoes displayed at the Capitol to pay tribute to Hurricane Maria's victims after a research team led by Harvard University estimated that 4,645 people lost their lives, a number not confirmed by the government, in San Juan, Puerto Rico June 1, 2018. Photo credit: Alvin Baez/Reuters.