A shutdown looms, again

What are the stakes in the fight over funding the government, and isn't this supposed to be a fight over the budget — not immigration and children's health insurance? Shai Akabas spells out the fight and why these budget negotiations keep the government reliving its past priorities.

Tom Nichols talks about why nuclear options should be scarce, not plentiful, and Betsy Woodruff explains why Steve Bannon has been tight-lipped to Congress but may be more forthcoming in an interview with the special counsel's team.

Finally, historian Niall Ferguson talks about the swings of power between hierarchies and networks through the centuries, and which of the two has more power today.

Photo credit: Markus Grossalber


Shai Akabas - Director of economic policy for the Bipartisan Policy Center - @ShaiAkabas, Tom Nichols - Professor of national security affairs at the U.S. Naval War College - @RadioFreeTom, Betsy Woodruff - Daily Beast - @woodruffbets, Niall Ferguson - Professor of History, Harvard University

Josh Barro, Rich Lowry, Katrina vanden Heuvel

Sara Fay, Katie Beurskens