A Week of Fear: Ebola, Wall Street, Midterms & Freezing Eggs

President Obama appoints Democratic operative Ron Klein to be his Ebola czar. Is the position a purely cosmetic pre-election move? Or will there be a practical benefit to having a point person? Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen expressed concern over economic inequality in the U.S. while European stocks tumble. Do signs point to a global economic meltdown? Democrats fear a disappointing election, as Republicans look to pick up unexpected seats. Silicon Valley adds egg-freezing to their list of employee benefits.

Matt Miller moderates from the Center. On the Left, Robert Scheer (Editor-in-Chief, TruthDig-dot-com). Rich Lowry (National Review) is on the Right. Kim Strassel (Wall Street Journal) is our special guest.

Banner Image Credit: Astrid Sehl