Bernanke Bucks; Primaries-Midterms-GOP; Mehlman Comes Out

Federal Reserve Chief Ben Bernanke says he hasn't ruled out buying up more bad paper to prop up the economy. Is it good news, bad news or no real news at all? What do the primaries portend about the mid-term elections ahead? Is there a GOP agenda and what will we be hearing about it? Will they govern from 2010-2012, or just investigate the Democrats to death? Are the Dem’s dead in November? Finally, is it a big deal that Ken Mehlman, former chair of the RNC, has now come out as gay and says he'll fight for gay marriage? (Liz Mair sits in for Tony Blankley.)

Banner image: Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke on the economic outlook and state of the economy. Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images