Gov. Arianna?, Uday and Qusay, the BBC and Ann Coulter

Arianna Huffington's statement about the California Governor's race:
Well I just got back last night -- it's flattering, it's just wonderful to have all these activists with whom I have worked in the past creating the shadow conventions like Van Jones who put up, but I think that what all that shows, and as I am thinking about it, which is what I am doing, is that voters are largely against the recall, progressive voters, but at the same time they're very troubled about the strategy of circling the wagons around Gray Davis and basically playing Russian roulette with the state and expecting just the fact that they don't want any Democrat on the ballot to guarantee the defeat of the recall. I think it is an insane strategy and as I wrote about in a column, I think this is an incredible opportunity to put a progressive agenda out there, and whether I am the one who does it or not, I don't know yet, but I have 10 days to decide by August 9, which is when all candidates need to declare.